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HiLED Weatherproof Fixture

The Hiled is a slim line, low voltage sealed aluminium and polycarbonate unit with high brightness LEDs, perfect for both task and pelmet lighting in an industrial environment.

  • HiLED XT - These LED weatherproof fixtures are extremely bright and come in both 1500mm and 1000mm lengths, making them a powerful and flexible LED lighting soultion. Custom lengths can be made to special order.

Hiled XT LED weatherproof fixture are highly IP rated and have brackets to allow them to be mounted almost anywhere.

With the XT standing for extremely bright, this durable LED weatherproof fixture is perfect for illuminating almost any area as it is solidly built and IP65.
This robust LED weatherproof fixture is designed to be install anywhere with limited space for fitting luminaries and as such can be placed on large machines or in industrial fridges.