Exled | LED Rope Light 180 series | Exled

EX180 Professional LED Rope Light

A very powerful, bright top quality LED rope light that is great for cove lighting and direct or indirect accent lighting in almost any environment. Reliable, flexible and consistent colour. Specified by architects in hundreds of major venues, and used to provide certain colours in lighting schemes by major brands all over the world.
  • 180 LEDs per metre
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Energy efficient
  • Cut every half a metre

An further improvement over our classic EX150 series, this LED rope light is brighter, thinner and just as easy to install as its predecessor.

An easy to fit, Ultra Tough and extremely bright, warm white, 24 Volt rope light that is great for mood lighting or accent light internally or externally.
Ultra Tough and very Powerful 24V LED blue rope light that works really well in almost any environment and is very easy to fit.
Ultra Tough 24 Volt IP65 rated 180 series LED ropelight in bright green, marvellous for highlighting company branding or accenting a building.
24 Volt IP65 rated 180 LEDs per metre red rope light, perfect for indoor or outdoor use in coving or for highlight signs.
24 Volt IP65 rated 180 series LED rope light in very bright cool white, perfect for indoor or outdoor accent lighting.
Exled's Ultra Tough RGB rope light is easy to fit into almost any enviroment and thanks to having LEDs of red, green and blue can be used to make any colour.