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Nova Panel Accessories

Our LED ceiling panel accessories allow are Nova panels to be used in non-standard ways.
The Nova emergency backups let you use a Nova 3 or Nova 2 panel for emergency lighting.
  • Compact pack
  • Minimum 3 hours battery life
  • Lightweight
In addition the Nova surface mounting frame lets all of our 600mm x 600mm panels be utilised in untraditional situations.
  • Easy to install
  • Quick access to the panel
  • Durable
Provides 3 hours of emergency back-up lighting for the Nova 2 or 3 panel (NOVA-CW, NOVA-NW, NOVA-2-CW and NOVA-2-NW) Certain other panels may require a different part number emergency pack
A specifically designed surface mounting frame for our Nova range. Allows NOVA-CW, NOVA-NW, NOVA-2-CW panels to be used in areas that don't have the option for a recessed panel.