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Nebula Linear Fittings

The LED linear fittings that our part of our Nebula range are hard-wearing fittings that can be used indoors or outdoors and have an attractive design making them excellent overhead lighting.

LED Nebula weatherproof fixture come in either black or silver cases, are IP54 rated and emergency backups are available on request.
This LED weatherproof fixture is designed to provide overhead lighting in both interior and exterior enviroments as well as provide amazing energy efficiency.
A robust aluminium LED fixture, this 35W Nebula is energy efficient and comes with all you need for a quick and easy installation. 
This 70 Watt LED weatherproof fixture is easy to install, gives massive energy savings over standard equivalents and suitable for interior and exterior use.
A durable LED weatherproof fixture that is easy to install, this 70W neutral white Nebula is energy efficient and works well in a variety of enviroments.