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LED High Bay project in warehouse

LED High Bays and Low Bays

Exled's LED high bay Industrial lights have been specifically created to replace outdated traditional high bays in factory and warehouse LED lighting and have great reliability and ensure a great return on investment (ROI) on your project.
  • 150 LED High Bay - Our standard  warehouse LED high bay, produces exceptional product, uses only 150 Watts and has a very long LED life. 
  • 240 LED High Bay - The brightest Industrial LED high bay we have available with a massive lumen output of 31,400.
  • 150 Watt Linear High/Low bay - Low glare option, suitable for low bay lighting, aisle lighting, 
  • Stadia 120 Can be used as a Low Bay Light in warehouse lighting when mounting height is less than 8 metres
  • Stadia 210 Can be used as a low bay Light when the mounting height is less than 10 metres

All of our LED high bays are robust and IP54 rated making them useable in a wide range of environments. 

This lightweight and energy efficient LED 150 watt warehouse High Bay, is made from top quality components and has a superb design to make it a class leading industrial lighting...
This 240W Industrial LED High Bay light has been created for providing super bright illumination for industrial warehouse and storge facilities, whilst cutting energy and maintence ...
The HBL-LIN-150 is a high power IP65 rated fixture for warehouse and factory lighting where a slim line fixture is required.
Very Robust IP65 rated flood light that can also be used for sports hall or warehouse Low Bay lighting with a wide beam angle. Philips LEDs and top quality components for a full 50,000 hour life
A brilliant lightweight but weatherproof 210W LED floodlight designed for demanding interior or external space lighting applications with very high light efficiency and great energy efficiency. Use...