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LED High Output Floodlights

Our LED high output floodlights are the most powerful lights we offer and are designed to be used to light up large areas.
  • Titan Floodlight - A compact 300 Watt LED floodlight that emits 26,800 lumens of bright white light.
  • Comet IP68 Floodlight - IP68 rated suitable for very harsh environments giving 15000 lumens
  • Stadia 120 Floodlight - A powerful floodlight that only requires 120 Watts.
  • Stadia 210 Floodlight - Our purpose designed robust 210 Watt LED stadium light generates a great 93 lumens per Watt.
  • Arena 280 Floodlight - The supebly built  Arena floodlights range is extremely hardwearing, ideal for installation in hard to reach areas as it requires no maintainence.
  • Arena 560 Floodlight - A Sports and Stadium Light giving over 72,000 lumens
All of our high powered floodlights are created to work at a wide range of sport and entertainment venues, so are very hardwearing and are, of course, IP65 rated.
An ultra bright LED floodlight that can be used for security illumination or to increase visibility of outdoor entertainment and sporting grounds.
Very Robust IP65 rated flood light that can also be used for Low Bay lighting with a wide beam angle. Philips LEDs and top quality components for a full 50,000 hour life
A brilliant lightweight but weatherproof 210W LED floodlight/ LED low bay designed for demanding interior or external space lighting applications with very high light efficiency and great energy...
The Comet IP68 180W LED Floodlight is perfect for hazardous areas, marine environments, food production ( no glass) and industrial buildings.
The immense lumen output and outstanding build quality makes this floodlight ideal for Golf Ranges, arenas and sports stadiums.
Exceptionally powerful LED flood lights for Stadium and Sports lighting. IP65 rated with 5 year warranty.