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LED flood lighting, LED Street Lighting and LED Canopy Lighting

LED Floodlights and Street Lights

A robust choice of LED floodlights, canopy lighting and Street Lights based on the brightest white LEDs optimised for high output workspace and security lighting
  • High Output Floodlights - The Brightest LED floodlights in our range, these products are perfect for illuminating large stadiums, outdoor sports areas and parks completely.
  • Floodlights - Our LED floodlights come in a huge variety of sizes, IP ratings and light outputs, but all are very reliable and have a long LED life with dimming and sensor versions available.
  • Rechargeable Work Light - Lithium batteries provided our LED rechargeable work lights with a long run time and can be charged up time after time.
  • Post Top Street Lights - Replacements for conventional street lights that are available from 65 to 130 watts.

This range of products provides LED lighting solutions for warehousing, petrol station forecourts, car parks and sports grounds.

Our LED high output floodlights are the most powerful lights we offer and are designed to be used to light up large areas. Titan Floodlight - A compact 300 Watt LED floodlight...
Our comprehensive range of LED floodlights includes single units from 10 to 300 watts with stadium arrays up to 1200 watts and sensor or 1-10V dimming options also available. ...
A brilliant LED work light with lithium ion battery that is lightweight and extremely bright. Perfect for all your portable lighting needs.
Exled's series of post top street lights are available in 60, 90 and 120 Watts and can be fitted at a variety of angles allowing light to be directed to where it is required. Post Top 90...