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LED Floodlights

Our comprehensive range of LED floodlights includes single units from 10 to 300 watts with stadium arrays up to 1200 watts and sensor or 1-10V dimming options also available. 
  • Designer 30 Floodlight - A stylishly moulded LED floodlight, this product is very energy efficient at only 30 Watts.
  • Designer 50 Floodlight - A brighter version of the Designer 30, it has the same sleek design, with a more powerful light.
  • PIR 50 Floodlight - This compact LED floodlight come with a PIR sensor as it is designed to increase the security of areas it is installed.
  • Comet 70 Floodlight - Our most popular LED floodlight, the Comet 70 offers a compromise of high power in a relatively compact shell.

This incredibly low power consumption 30W IP65 floodlight provides 2400 lumens of bright white light making it perfect for use in small exterior areas.
This 50 Watt IP65 floodlight has an attractive and stylish design and is available in black or white colour making it great for any area that requires aesthetically pleasing lighting.
The top quality 30W passive infrared floodlight can be fully adjusted for detection area, daylight sensitivity and on time when motion is detected.
The top quality Comet IP65 rated 70 Watt black LED Floodlight offers great light output, low power consumption and durability.