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Colour Controllers & Extension Modules

Our range of colour changing controllers and extension modules can be used to control our LED RGB ribbon tape,  LED RGB strips or our LED RGB ropelight.
  • Extension modules - These clever  devices are used to copy a signal from a colour controller or dimmer and effecitively amplify it to allow higher laods to be connected to the same controller.
  • Colour Controllers - All of these units allow you to customise the colour and pattern output of your RGB ( or RGBW) products.


Brilliant RGB colour controller with intuative touch operation and 50 metre range. 
A RGB extension module that can extend the capability of a low voltage RGB controller to allow it to contol more LED simultaneously.
This RGB Extension module can support up to 8 Amps per channel, making it a great addition to a LED colour lighting circuit.
Colour changing controller perfect for our RGB strips, it also incorporates a memory so that it powers up in the last selected mode.
Brilliant R/G/B/W colour control wireless or DMX across 4 seperate zones with the wall mounted COLOURWHEEL-WALL-RGBW