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  • LED tube 1200mm frosted cover EPS
  • LED Nova 3 light strip ceiling panel cool white

    The Nova our most popular ceiling panel design, with 3 independently supplied LED cool white lighting panels appropriate for  hospitals, offices and educational facilities.

  • LED Nova 3 light strip ceiling neutral white panel

    A 600 x 600mm neutral white panel that thanks to its individually powered LED strip light has the versatility to used in a wide range of areas, like offices, medical facilities and classrooms.

  • Comet 70 Watt IP65 LED Flood light

    The top quality Comet IP65 rated 70 Watt black LED Floodlight offers great light output, low power consumption and durability.

  • Stadia 120 Watt flood/ Low Bay LED

    Very Robust IP65 rated flood light that can also be used for Low Bay lighting with a wide beam angle. Philips LEDs and top quality components for a full 50,000 hour life

  • Comet IP68 180W Watt LED Flood light

    The Comet IP68 180W LED Floodlight is perfect for hazardous areas, marine environments, food production ( no glass) and industrial buildings.

  • Titan 300W Bright Security Floodlight

    An ultra bright LED floodlight that can be used for security illumination or to increase visibility of outdoor entertainment and sporting grounds.

  • This lightweight and energy efficient LED 150 watt warehouse High Bay, is made from top quality components and has a superb design to make it a class leading industrial lighting product.

  • LED Zen sensor IP65 bulkhead

    The IP65 rated Zen bulkhead has been created to offer an effective solution for utility or amenity lighting and can be used in stairways, corridors and outside building entrances. 

  • LED wall pack IP65 Bulk head

    Ultra-tough, IP65 rated, 5000K LED Wall Pack bulkhead fitting suitable for outdoors. Available in a black Aluminium and white polycarbonate casing.

  • AR111 Warm White Retrofit Lamp

    This 12V AR111 warm white spotlight is the perfect retrofit for 50 Watt halogen G53 fittings and will reduce energy and maintenance costs.

  • AR111 Cool White Retrofit Lamp

    This direct replacement 12W product will generate massive energy savings and lower replacement costs whilst providing high lumen output. 

  • AR111 Neutral White Retrofit Lamp

    A 12 volt AR111 retrofit for a halogen G53 fittings that has a 40 degree beam angle and provides a high lumen to watt output.

  • 15 Watt Warm White Track LED Light

    A 15 Watt LED track light with high colour rendering CRI90 designed for specifically for retail display, this product highlighting detail.  

  • LED filament Candle bulb warm white

    This 4 Watt warm white LED Candle bulb is a direct replacement for a standard E14 fitting and looks totally authentic.

  • 5W Warm White Dimmable GU10 Bulb

    A Smoothly dimmable 5W LED bulb that is a retrofit for a standard GU10 fitting,  providing outstanding energy efficiency and wide light distrubution.

  • 5W Warm White MR16 LED Bulb

    This 5 Watt 12 Volt  warm white LED bulb was specifically created to be the perfect retrofit for all standard MR16 fittings. 

  • 3W Cool White MR16 LED Bulb

    This mavellous 3 Watt  MR16 LED retrofit bulb is great at replacing old outdated MR16 bulbs with cool white energy saving ones. 

  • 1500mm LED Tube

    A High Performance 1500mm LED tube for replacing standard fluorescent tubes

  • 600mm Frosted Cover Internal Power Supply Tube

    A 600mm internal power supply LED tube that is an excellent direct replacement for traditional T8/T10 fluorescent tube. 

  • 1200mm Frosted Cover Internal Power Supply Tube

    A 1200mm internal power supply tube, that is not only a direct replacement for standard fluorescent fiiting, but also offers excellent energy efficiency.

  • 1500mm Frosted Cover Internal Power Supply Tube

    A marvellous direct replacement for traditional T8/T10 1500mm fluorescent tube, this tube also generates massive energy savings.

  • 1800mm Frosted Cover Internal Power Supply Tube

    The 1800mm IPS direct replacement LED tube has a really low power consumption and generates a great 80 lumens per Watt.

  • A 1500mm twin fitting vapour proof casing that has two prewired 1500 EPS tubes included.

  • Microwave Motion and Daylight LED Sensor

    A microwave sensor that will control a selection of LED products by adjusting the item's lumen ouput based on movement or daylight level. 

  • Cool White Weatherproof 35 Nebula

    This LED weatherproof fixture is designed to provide overhead lighting in both interior and exterior enviroments as well as provide amazing energy efficiency.

  • Neutral White Weatherproof 35 Nebula

    A robust aluminium LED fixture, this 35W Nebula is energy efficient and comes with all you need for a quick and easy installation. 

  • Cool White Weatherproof 70 Nebula

    This 70 Watt LED weatherproof fixture is easy to install, gives massive energy savings over standard equivalents and suitable for interior and exterior use.

  • Neutral White Weatherproof 70 Nebula

    A durable LED weatherproof fixture that is easy to install, this 70W neutral white Nebula is energy efficient and works well in a variety of enviroments.

  • LED Nova dimmable cool white ceiling panel

    A great dimmable LED cool white panel that has a bright even light, is highly energy efficient and is suitable for educational, medical or recreational areas.  

  • LED Nova dimmable neutral white ceiling panel

    A neutral white LED panel that emits and bright even light and can be dimmed on a 1-10v system. Suitable for open plan offices, healthcare buildings and corridors.

  • LED Nova ECO Edge ceiling panel

    A  cool white 600 x 600mm panel that is low power and highly efficient. Emergency back up pack also available.

  • LED Nova ECO Edge neutral white ceiling panel

    A 600 x 600mm neutral white 4000K LED panel, offers an even light distribution and is very energy efficient. Emergency Back up pack also available

  • Nova Emergency Back-up Pack

    Provides 3 hours of emergency back-up lighting for the Nova 2 or 3 panel (NOVA-CW, NOVA-NW, NOVA-2-CW and NOVA-2-NW)
    Certain other panels may require a different part number emergency pack

  • LED ceiling office Aeon down light

    Fully future proof, this downlight offers a halogen effect, is energy efficient, 1-10V dimmable, as well as being easy to fit.

  • ERA ceiling office LED Down light

    The Era is designed to suit a wide range of cut out hole sizes, as it can be adjustable to fit 160-215mm cut outs, making it ideal for retrofit applications.


    The Era Asymmetric down light is similar to the standard version but has a remarkable optic which directs more light to one side of the illumination circle, allowing specific lighting effects in corridors, against walls and in showrooms.

  • 3500K High Ceiling, Narrow Beam Light 8"

    The Meteor is a 240mm ceiling down light with a very powerful narrow beam angle of 22° for use in areas that have high ceilings, such as museums, libraries, large commercial reception areas etc.

  • EVO LED downlight no driver

    The EVO 4,6 and 8 inch down lights are very powerful, slim line, and have no external LED driver, giving exceptional reliability. 

  • LED Breeze ceiling light Sensor 24 watts

    The 24 Watt Breeze LED Ceiling Light that can be ceiling or wall mounted, economical, reliable and very easy to fit. Built in daylight sensor and adjustable microwave motion sensor

  • 12 Volt White Copper Ribbon LED Tape

    A high quality fleixble 12 Volt copper ribbon LED tape in a bright cool white that has an adhesive back, making it very easy to install.

  • 12 Volt Warm White Copper Ribbon LED Tape

    This flexible warm white 12 Volt copper ribbon tape will bring a pleasantly warm glow to those dull waiting rooms and receptions.  

  • 12 Volt Blue Copper Ribbon LED Tape

    This 12 volt energy efficient flexible crisp blue copper ribbon tape will bring a nicely relaxed and chilled feel to any bar, club or restaurant.

  • 12 Volt Yellow Copper Ribbon LED Tape

    A high quality 12 volt LED copper ribbon tape that is yellow and is easy to install, thanks to being made with double sided tape on the back.

  • 12 Volt Red Copper Ribbon LED Tape

    This 12 Volt energy efficient copper ribbon tape produces a vibrant red light, making it fantastic for illuminating exhibitions and art displays.

  • 12 Volt Green Copper Ribbon LED Tape

    A bright green copper ribbon tape, this product is flexible, energy efficient and extremely easy to fit, with its self adhesive tape.

  • 12 Volt White extreme Ribbon Tape

    The brightest 12 volt single strip ribbon we supply, this powerful cool white flexible ribbon is perfect for a variety of high end installations.

  • 12 Volt Warm White extreme LED Ribbon Tape

    This extremely powerful warm white flexible ribbon generates 550 lumens per metre, currently making it our brightest 12 volt single strip ribbon.

  • 12 Volt Red Green Blue LED Ribbon Tape

    This RGB 12 Volt ribbon can be used to generate an impressive amount of colours and patterns when used with a RGB controller.

  • 24 Volt bright White LED Mega Ribbon

    A 24 Volt white ribbon, that uses twin rows of powerful LEDs to generate huge amounts of light, making it our most powerful ribbon. 

  • 24 Volt bright Warm White LED Mega Ribbon

    Our mega bright ribbon tape, in warm white, this flexible product allows a pleasant light to be almost anywhere as it has a self adhesive.  

  • DMX specialist Controlled LED Ribbon Tape

    Perfect for venues with a DMX controlled lighting system our DMX stage ribbon is fully customisable as each LED has an individual address.

  • EX72 Blue Rope light

    The blue 72 series 24V LED rope light uses 72 superior LEDs per metre. Available in up to 50M lengths this robust blue strip provides 43.2 Lumens per metre. Mounting clips are supplied

  • PC-72

    Power connector for 72 series LED rope light.

  • 150 Series Rope Light 24V Green

    The 24V dc 150 series LED ropelight is a powerful rope that uses 150 high brightness LEDs per metre and provides 43 lumens per metre. 

  • Post Top  LED streetlight

    The Post Top 90 is IP65 rated, is maintenance free and can be be mounted at 170 to 90 degree angle.

  • Power Cord 150 Series rope light

    Power connector for the 150 series LED Ropelight

  • LED Drop light 48V Warm White

    A specifically designed product for aisle lighting between colonies in poultry sheds, our LED Droplight increases chicken wellbeing. 

  • LED chicken Bedding rope light 48V

    Product specifically designed to provide the ideal lighting conditions to promote healthy stock our LED Bedding rope light is 48V and warm white.

  • SX P9 Cool White LED Strip

    This cool white strips is encased in protective, rigid, clear plastic casing, making it great in environments that could need wiping down.

  • SX P9 RGB LED Strip

    This RGB strip is easy to install and when used with a colour controller can be used to produce a wide of range of colours and patterns.

  • SX P9 Warm White LED Strip

    A rigid 12 volt strip that gives off a very pleasant white light, that is marvellous for bringing a touch of warmth to almost any area. 

  • A neutral white 12 volt strip that is easy to join together as it has male and female connections, making it very quick to install.

  • 12V 3.8A Desk top Transformer

    A compact 3.8 Amp transformer brilliant for suppling 12 Volt LED lights.

  • 12V 5A Desk top Transformer

    A great power supply that supplies 5 Amps at 12 Volts, perfect for powering LED lights.

  • 12V 12.5A Openframe Transformer

    Used for suppling large amounts of 12 Volt LEDs, this open frame power supply provides 12.5 Amps.

  • 12V 29A Openframe Transformer

    An extremely powerful 12 volt supply capable of outputing currents of up to 29 Amps.

  • 12V 1.5A Water proof IP65 Transformer

    This waterproof 12 Volt power supply that generates 1.5 Amps great for suppling LED products in damp areas. 

  • 12 volt 5 Amp water proof IP65 transformer

    This 5 Amp 12 Volt power supply unit is waterproof, making it perfect for external use.

  • 24V 0.6A Desk top Transformer

    A 24 Volt desktop power supply that provides 0.6 Amps, normally used for low powered LED products.

  • 24V 2.5A Desk top Transformer

    A compact and durable desktop power supply unit, that generates 2.5 Amps at 24 Volts. 

  • 24V 5A Desk top Transformer

    This 24 Volt hardwearing desktop transformer supplies up to 5 Amps.

  • 24V 14.6A Openframe Transformer

    An open frame power supply, which at 24 Volts and 14.6 Amps, generates alot of power.

  • 24V 20A Openframe Transformer

    Our most powerful 24 Volt transformer, this product supplies an immense 20 Amps of current.

  • 24V 4.2A Water proof IP65 Transformer

    A 4.2 Amp 24 Volt transformer, that is also waterproof, making it the perfect choice for all sorts of external uses. 

  • 24V 8.3A Water proof IP65 Transformer

    A reasonable powerful waterproof transformer, capable of generating 8.3 Amps at 24 Volts.

  • 48V 6.6A Openframe Transformer

    This dimmable open frame transformer supplies 6.6 Amps at 48 Volts and has been specifically designed for use with our AgriRange bedding ropelight.

  • 0-10V Pulse Width Modulation Dimmer

    A compact dimmer module that will dim 12-24V LED. Requires a 1-10V signal

  • Remote wireless RGB colour controller

    Brilliant RGB colour controller with intuative touch operation and 50 metre range. 

  • 6 Amp Red Green Blue Extension Module

    A RGB extension module that can extend the capability of a low voltage RGB controller to allow it to contol more LED simultaneously.

  • 8 Amp Red Green Blue Extension Module

    This RGB Extension module can support up to 8 Amps per channel, making it a great addition to a LED colour lighting circuit.

  • LED colour Light Strip Controller

    Colour changing controller perfect for our RGB strips, it also incorporates a memory so that it powers up in the last selected mode.

  • Red Green Blue DMX Decoder

    This compact and addressable DMX decoder converts DMX 512/1990 protocol to RGB drive signals using up to 3 output channels.

  • high specification DMX Controller

    A hardwearing DMX addressable controller that has 7 static colours and 30 built in programs with 8 speeds different speeds available.

  • Constellation LED 45W fitting

    IP44 rated with a 4000 lumen output in cool white this fixture can be surface mounted or wire suspended and directly replaces clumsy tube fittings

  • Constellation LED 45W fitting

    IP44 rated with a 4000 lumen output in cool white this fixture can be surface mounted or wire suspended and directly replaces clumsy tube fittings

  • This 240W Industrial LED High Bay light has been created for providing super bright illumination for industrial warehouse and storge facilities, whilst cutting energy and maintence cost over similar products. 

  • LED tube emergency back up

    An emergency power pack for 1500mm and 1800mm  LDF tubes, ensures your lighting stays on in a power outage

  • Designer 30 Watt LED Flood light

    This incredibly low power consumption 30W IP65 floodlight provides 2400 lumens of bright white light making it perfect for use in small exterior areas.

  • Designer 50 Watt LED Flood light

    This 50 Watt IP65 floodlight has an attractive and stylish design and is available in black or white colour making it great for any area that requires aesthetically pleasing lighting.

  • Tech-i 1200mm Motion Sensing internal power supply LED Tube

    The Tech-i 1200 motion sensing tube is a high quality replacement tube for open or closed fittings, providing maximum energy savings when operating at a dimmed down level of just 2 watts.

  • Metro XT Weatherproof Fixture

    The Metro-XT LED weatherproof fixture is a real innovation, IP65 rated and vandal proof, available in 230V,110V and 24VDC in either 1000mm or 1500mm lengths, with brackets for wall mounting or ceiling suspension.

  • Nova Tech-i 600 x 600 Daylight Adjusting LED Panel

    The Tech-i Daylight Adjusting Panel is a direct replacement a 600 x600 grid light fitting that constantly monitors ambient lighting levels and adjusts its output to just 5.2W to keep lighting levels constant. 

  • 30 Watt Passive Infrared sensor LED Flood light

    The top quality 30W passive infrared floodlight can be fully adjusted for detection area, daylight sensitivity and on time when motion is detected.

  • Exceptionally powerful LED flood lights for Stadium and Sports lighting. IP65 rated with 5 year warranty.

  • Linear IP65 low/High bay fixture

    The HBL-LIN-150 is a high power IP65 rated fixture for warehouse and factory lighting where a slim line fixture is required.

  • LED dimmer remote control 3 x 3 A

    Accurate smooth dimming control with preset memory brightness levels and 3x 3A receiver for dimming 12-24V LED strips

  • Lithium Battery LED Work Light flood

    A brilliant LED work light with lithium ion battery that is lightweight and extremely bright. Perfect for all your portable lighting needs.

  • 30W Deli Light

    An adaptable product, the 30 Watt Deli was designed for  delicatessen and canteen areas, has great energy efficiency and has an excellent lumen output.

  • Daylight 1-10V Dimming Sensor

    An advanced photocell daylight sensor that can be precisely focused to read and measure the light level at a target plane and convert the amount of light to 1-10V dimming signal.

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  • vapour proof LED lighting

    Robust IP65 rated vapour proof LED lighting alternative, that offers high brightness and low glare. Maintenance free solution with built in power ballast. VP Constellation is available as 1500mm fitting.

  • 210 Watt LED Low bay Stadium Floodlight

    A brilliant lightweight but weatherproof 210W LED floodlight/ LED low bay designed for demanding interior or external space lighting applications with very high light efficiency and great energy efficiency.

  • Nova ceiling panel frame

    A specifically designed surface mounting frame for our Nova range. Allows NOVA-CW, NOVA-NW, NOVA-2-CW panels to be used in areas that don't have the option for a recessed panel.

  • Nova super bright NW ceiling panel 4000K

    Very bright and very efficiecnt LED panel delivering a class leading 110 lumens per watt. Delivering savings on installation costs and energy bills.

  • LED Nova day night ward ceiling CIBSE panel

    LED Panel with dual light levels settings for hospital ward lighting that are complaint with CIBSE rules. An exclusive twist on a great Nova panel.

  • LED Nova dimmable IP54 waterproof ceiling panel

    A IP54 rated version of our Nova Dim range, this panel has all the normal characteristics of a dimmable LED panel with additional advantage of being splash proof.

  • LED Warm White Rope Light EX180 Series

    An easy to fit, Ultra Tough and extremely bright, warm white, 24 Volt rope light that is great for mood lighting or accent light internally or externally.

  • LED Nova Economy ceiling panel

    A quality LED panel that has an even light output and excellent reliability. The Nova Eco suitable for standard modular ceiling and designed for economical installations.

  • LED Bulk head IP65 Emergency Back up

    The Zen circular LED bulkhead emergency pack version, providing emergency lighting for internal or external areas that need durable, low energy, long lasting lighting.

  • Blue LED 180 Series Rope Light

    Ultra Tough and very Powerful 24V LED blue rope light that works really well in almost any environment and is very easy to fit.

  • Green 180 LED Rope Light

    Ultra Tough 24 Volt IP65 rated 180 series LED ropelight in bright green, marvellous for highlighting company branding or accenting a building.

  • EX180 Series Red Rope Light

    24 Volt IP65 rated 180 LEDs per metre red rope light, perfect for indoor or outdoor use in coving or for highlight signs.

  • 180 series LED rope light in cool white

    24 Volt IP65 rated 180 series LED rope light in very bright cool white, perfect for indoor or outdoor accent lighting.

  • Nova 2 Neutral White Panel

    A lightweight neutral white ceiling panel, which is perfect in variety of areas from office to hospitals and generates a pleasantly warm glow.

  • 1000 Weatherproof XT HiLED

    With the XT standing for extremely bright, this durable LED weatherproof fixture is perfect for illuminating almost any area as it is solidly built and IP65.

  • 1500 Weatherproof XT HiLED

    This robust LED weatherproof fixture is designed to be install anywhere with limited space for fitting luminaries and as such can be placed on large machines or in industrial fridges.

  • wall mounted RF colour controller DMX

    Brilliant R/G/B/W colour control wireless or DMX across 4 seperate zones with the wall mounted COLOURWHEEL-WALL-RGBW

  • vapour proof LED lighting sensor

    This low maintenance linear fitting solution will save you even more energy than are standard VP fitting, as its smart sensor will dim its light output down when it isn't in use.

  • VP Constellation Emergency Vapour Proof Fitting

    Our brilliant vapour proof direct replacement fitting with a built in emergency pack, perfect for ensuring the safety of your staff in any environment. 

  • Nova 2 Neutral White Panel and Frame Kit

    An easy to install neutral white ceiling panel that includes a mounting frame, which is perfect for surface mounting in almost any internal area.

  • 1200x600 economy ceiling panel

    A quality LED 1200x600mm panel that has an great light output. The Nova 1200 Eco comes with an external power supply, which can be converted to an emergency supply. 

  • Post Top  LED streetlight

    The ST-PT series IP65 rated Post top lights can be varied from 170 to 90 degrees mounting angle. Maintenance free.

  • Post Top  LED streetlight

    The ST-PT series IP65 rated Post top lights can be varied from 170 to 90 degrees mounting angle. Maintenance free.

  • Stadia 120 Watt flood/ Low Bay LED

    Very Robust IP65 rated flood light that can also be used for sports hall or warehouse Low Bay lighting with a wide beam angle. Philips LEDs and top quality components for a full 50,000 hour life

  • 210 Watt LED Stadium & Industrial Floodlight

    A brilliant lightweight but weatherproof 210W LED floodlight designed for demanding interior or external space lighting applications with very high light efficiency and great energy efficiency. Use for sports lighting, warehouse and Industrail applications

  • Arena 280W Floodlight

    The immense lumen output and outstanding build quality makes this floodlight ideal for Golf Ranges, arenas and sports stadiums.

  • red, green and blue 24 volt rope light with 180 LEDs per meter

    Exled's Ultra Tough RGB rope light is easy to fit into almost any enviroment and thanks to having LEDs of red, green and blue can be used to make any colour.

  • LED filament B22 bulb warm white

    This 6 Watt warm white LED bulb is a direct replacement for a standard B22 fitting and looks totally authentic.