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1/ Do I need a transformer?

Yes depending on the product as some are incorporated inside the fitting, please see the technical specifications on the product pages for more details

2/ Do I need an electrician?

Yes we recommend all installations are fitted by a qualified electrician

3/ Do you ship to anywhere?

Yes, please call us if you would like the products to be shipped outside of the UK and we can give you the shipping cost information.

4/ Can I return the goods if it is not suitable?

Aside from special order items. As long as the goods returned are not damaged in any way, yes within two weeks of delivery

6/ Are you UK based

Yes in Gloucestershire

7/ Can I buy direct from you or through a wholesaler?

Yes both

8/ Can you supply bespoke products for projects?

Yes, we have a vast amount of knowledge and capability to design products that can be tailored to the customer requirements

9/ Do you have a technical department for support?

Yes we do

10/ Do I get discount for bulk purchases?

Yes, terms on application

11/ How do you evaluate your products?

We are an ISO 9001 quality assured company and as such put our products through rigorous testing procedures before bringing them to market